Immersive Telepresence Experience – With an iPad

TelepresenceWhen you say telepresence, most people think of a large, well lit room filled with equipment that’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But a new company is trying to redefine what telepresence is – by going back to basics.

Double Robotics, a Mountain View CA startup, created a new product that delivers a somewhat immersive telepresence experience – with an iPad. The product itself is basically a remote controlled robot, that uses an iPad as both a remote control and as a two way camera.

The operator can control the robot and send him strolling down the office corridors, navigate him into a meeting room and even have the robot participate in a meeting. Those in the room will soon find themselves talking to a stick on wheels carrying an iPad. While this might feel a bit awkward at first, it is definitely something one can get used to. Watch this video:

Another impressive feature of this product is its price – only $2,000. In fact, the robot’s price and features are so impressive, that Double Robotics have sold out all their first production batch.

Clearly, the experience is completely different from a full blown telepresence system. But it is also clear that Double Robotics has introduced an innovative approach to the continuously evolving world of remote communication.

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