Industry News Summary – Vidyo, LTE, LightRadio

Vidyo to offer white-label video chat application
Vidyo, a long-time member of IMTC and advocate of Scalable Video Coding – announc

ed an application portal program that would enable service providers to create white-label video chat applications using the companies proprietary technology (Vidyo already power the technology behind Google’s video chat). Just recently, Vidyo announced it’s low cost multi-screen Telepresence solution -

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VoLTE Introduction
Alotough I doubt any of our readers don’t know what VoLTE is – In case I’m wrong, the following article by Maisie Ramsay from WirelessWeek is highly recommended. The article summaries VoLTE and it’s current industry status.

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Alcatel-Lucent’s lightRadio – An ultra small cellular base station
Telco 2.0 tells us about Alcatel-lucent latest innovation in the cellular radio field – the LightRadio 6×6 inch base station.
This small box is expected to revolutionize mobile network coverage and power requirements.

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LightSquared: Solved GPS interference issues, Network go as planned
LightSquared, the satellite based wholesale LTE network caused major concern to GPS connectivity in it’s initial tests, causing interference in GPS in up to 22 miles distance from LightSquared cell towers. Recently the company announced it’s solved it’s interference issues by reducing the towers power output by 50% and retune it’s frequencies a bit further away from the GPS channel.

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