Industry News Summary: Firefox, HP and Content Discovery

firefoxFrom Mobile browser to Mobile OS. Firefox

“Firefox Mobile OS will outperform Android”. We used to see the Mobile OS market share with very solid and clear characteristics. We’ve got Google’s Android at the first spot fighting Apple’s iOS. Lately we had also Microsoft sending her Windows Phones to right into the battlefield…

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Industry News Summary – Video Conferencing, Microsoft, Cisco

How Does Video-Conferencing Affects Workplaces?
Stephanie Rogers from MNN wrote about 10 jobs changed by video-conferencing. There is also a great article about managing remote workers in Financial Times. [Read more...]

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Industry News Summary – Mobile Video, Data and more

Only 18% of online video companies use adaptive bit rate technologiescialis buy online

Skyfire claims that mobile video isn’t pushed to its full potential because of slow adaptation of ABR technologies by the online video companies. less than 18% of online video companies use ABR, while in some platforms such as Android – none of the companies included in the survey used ABR. Read more at: Intomobile.

Should Avaya buy Radvision or Vidyo?
Andy Abramson, from VoIP Watch believes that there are good reason to buy either of them, in order for Avaya to stay competitive with Cisco and Polycom. Read more at VoIP Watch.

NTT DoCoMo predicts 48$ increase in data revenues for the next 4 years
The first provider to earn more money out of data instead of voice, now expects data revenues to reach 1.83 trillion yen ($22 billion) to the end of March 2012, rising to JPY 2.7 trillion ($32 billion) by FY2015, which ends in March 2016. Read more at TotalTele

Microsoft LYNC vs Older SIP Communicator Data Consumption.
The new mobile LYNC client shows some great data consumption numbers, compared to older technologies:

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IMTC 2025 (Day2) Inside IMTC Activity Groups & Industry Standards

IMTC promotes industry standards and interoperability to help shape the future of multimedia telecommunications technology.
Inside IMTC panel explain a bit about IMTC itself and it’s value to the telecom industy.

Shantanu Sarkar, Director New Technology, Cisco (moderator)
Tsahi Levent-Levi, Product Manager & System Architect, Radvision
Allyn Romanow, Technical Leader, Cisco
Farid Benamrouche, Project Leader, NXP software
Ari Heikkinen, Director of Programs, PV Finland
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IMTC 2025 (Day2) Telepresence Keynote by Philip Graham from Cisco

Philip Graham, VP/CTO, Emerging Technologies Group, Cisco Systems talks about Telepresence and collaboration.

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