Industry News Summary: Avaya, Linux, Transparent OLED

Avaya: Our Spotlight is on the 1 Gig Space interviewed Roy Wakim from Avaya about the Avaya’s positioning in the networking space. Read it Here.

Is Android Multi-Tasking Slow?
Martin Sauter (WirelessMoves) surely thinks so – stating that even his Nokia N8 with 256MB Ram switch between applications faster than his 1GB Ram Android tablet. What’s your experience with Android multi-tasking?

2013 The Year For Ubuntu Phones?
Canonical announced that the final build of their mobile linux distribution will find it’s ways to mobile phones at the beginning of next year.  The mobile OS might run alongside with Android OS, offering a familiar desktop experience to Ubuntu when hooked up to a docking station. Read More at IntoMobile.

NTT Docomo And Fujistsu Showcase Transparent OLED Screen
The company showed a a 2.4-inch OLED screen with a 320×240 resolution, offering touch-controls on both sides of the screen. Read More at IntoMobile.

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