IMTC SuperOp! 2015 – SIP MS Lync Testing Description and Call For Participation

IMTC SuperOp! 2015

Porto, Portugal

May 16 – 22, 2015

SIP MS Lync Testing Description and Call For Participation

During SuperOp! 2015 the IMTC Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Parity Activity Group (AG) will conduct its traditional testing, which is focused on the Best Practice documents and associated Test Case documents for SIP Video Profile, Role Based Video Streams, and SIP Security, plus ad hoc testing for SIP, H.323 and Telepresence (TIP) interoperability, as well as NAT traversal scenarios and SIP Video Profile extensions for interworking with 3GPP MMTEL implementations. However for the first time, SIP Parity AG member companies will also conduct Microsoft Lync testing, sponsored by Wipro.

MS Lync test bed setup will look as follows:


Dashed lines show potential additional test scenarios


A variety of planned and ad-hoc testing will be conducted in this setup. Testing might include, but will not be limited to the following functionality:

  1. If Video Endpoint has embedded MS Lync capabilities, it can register with the MS Lync setup, and place a direct call to the MS Lync client. This is the simplest scenario. The calls, of course, can be made in both directions with different types of media.
  2. If Video endpoint can’t support Lync directly, we will have Lync GWs as part of the setup, where the Lync GW will register to the MS Lync setup and the video endpoint will call Lync client through the GW. In this scenario, endpoint and GW can belong to the different manufacturers.
  3. For the scenarios a) and b), there can be interesting variations if an endpoint is actually a 3-screen telepresence system.
  4. A videoconferencing bridge (MCU) will register with Lync setup directly or through the GW, and the Lync client will join the conference held on that MCU. Various media and control setups, including dual screen video/video sharing might be possible here.


SuperOp! 2015 will offer an unprecedented opportunity to test interoperability of multimedia communications using SIP, H.323, MS Lync, WebRTC and TIP functionality combined in the joint setup – such type of testing was never been undertaken before and it definitely represents a unique value IMTC offers to the industry.

Registered participants to the date include: Avaya, Blue Jeans, Cisco, Huawei, Intel, Lifesize, Pexip, Polycom, Sonus Networks, Sorenson, Spirent Communications, Vidyo, Unify and Wipro


Call for Action:

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