Interview With Bo Jönsson – IMS CO-AG Leader

We continue our a series of interviews with IMTC members, this time with Bo Jönsson, the co-ag leader of the IMS Activity Group at IMTC and the standardization manager of terminal testing at Ericsson AB.

IMTC Blog: Bo, thanks a lot for your time! How many companies participate in your group today?

Bo: 9 companies are participating in the group today: Ericsson, France Telecom, Huawei, Intel, Nokia, RADVISION, Samsung, Sony Mobile, and ST-Ericsson.

IMTC Blog: What is the key technology you are testing and what role does it play in UC and communication in general?

Bo: IMS voice/video according GSMA recommendations PRDs IR.92 and IR.94. This VoLTE initiative is based on 3GPP and the LTE radio access technology which is becoming the basis for all future mobile systems.
3GPP defined telecommunication and IP-based multimedia services are well recognized for mobile and personal communications.

IMTC Blog: What is the group value to the industry? And why does it operate in IMTC?

Bo: To provide IOT possibilities for 3GPP defined IP-based multimedia services. IMTC is a well-recognized organization for interoperability testing.

IMTC Blog: Why are you a member of this group and what value does it bring to your company?

Bo: The enhancement of telecommunication is a key interest for our company. Device IOT testing of 3GPP defined IP-based multimedia services and associated GSMA profiles such as IR.92 (VoLTE) and IR.94 (Video) is an important area to achieve this.

IMTC Blog: What were the most important achievements of your group in 2012? How did it support the industry?

Bo: There are few:

  •  The activity and number of companies has increased.
  • The test documentation for IR.92 is enhanced with more test scenario e.g. SRVCC and IMS Emergency.
  • We have also introduced test documentation for IMS conversational video service according GSMA PRD IR.94.

IMTC Blog: What are your plans for 2013?

BO: We have 3 main goals for 2013:

  • Participate in the IMTC SuperOP! event.
  • Provide more face to face test opportunities.
  • Include GSMA PRD IR.39 “IMS Profile for High Definition Video Conference (HDVC) Service” in the scope for test documentation and face to face testing.

IMTC Blog: What do you think will change in your field or technology you are testing in the future?

Bo: 3GPP defined IP-based multimedia services will become more important for delivering audio, text, video and graphics direct to people in information based services.

IMTC Blog: What kind of value do you think IMTC brings to your company?

BO: IMTC is an organization for engineers that allows to take part of the telecommunication evolution and make it happen in real live testing environments.

We thank Bo for his time and look forward for the upcoming SuperOp! event.

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