IMTC 2013 Forum Call for Speakers

IMTCIMTC will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.

We are planning an exciting event with insightful keynote presentations, technology updates and seminars, an award ceremony and a reception to properly celebrate IMTC’s anniversary.

The event will be conducted in the traditional IMTC Forum format as the previous years and will take place in Porto, Portugal on October 8, 9 and 10, 2013.

The theme for the forum is “Today and tomorrow of visual communications, building on 20 years of technology breakthroughs” as we are planning to discuss new exciting technologies as well as to have a glimpse into how we got here. Topics will include:

  1. Internet audio and video technologies – MPEG DASH, WebRTC, HTML5
  2. Spatial audio (MPEG)
  3. Unified communications – including future technologies
  4. New video coding standard – HEVC (High efficiency video coding)
  5. Telepresence standards
  6. Mobility – IMS, LTE, VoLTE
  7. VoIP in mobile and fixed networks
  8. Telecommunication infrastructure, Cloud services, etc.

IMTC plans to bring together leaders in these fields along with keynote presentations by CEOs, CTOs, well known researchers, former IMTC members, IMTC Fellows and many more.

To organize this big event, the planning committee is looking for speakers who would like to present on any of the topics listed above or any additional topics related to the communication technologies and the work of IMTC over the two past decades.

Speakers will be requested to send us a proposal, and write a short blog post about the proposed topic that will be published in relevant blogs.

Interested? Email the planning committee at

Please send us your proposals by October 31, 2012.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

With warmest regards,

Patrick Luthi
Chairman, IMTC 20th Anniversary Forum Planning Committee

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