Industry News Summary – MPEG DASH, Skype-Microsoft Deal, CS-Fallback

MPEG DASH Webinar Slide Available
The Slides from the IMTC DASH Webinar are now available via the IMTC Slideshare account:

Cisco Wants EU Court to Re-examine MS-SKYPE Deal Approval
Cisco claims it doesn’t want to block the deal, but to ensure interoperability: “”Cisco…believes the European Commission should have placed conditions that would ensure greater standards-based interoperability, to avoid any one company from being able to seek to control the future of video communications” – Read more at FierceEnterpriseCommunications.

LTE CS-Fallback
WirelessMoves wrote an introduction to CS-Fallback, the current method of LTE deployment when PS calls aren’t available (i.e – pre-VoLTE). Read it here:

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