Industry News Summary – 2011 & 2012, Summaries and Predictions

As we about to enter 2012, the web is filled with summaries of 2011 and predictio

ns for 2012:


FierceEnterpriseCommunications did a wonderful summary about all major 2011 events in the industry, while LightReading predicted about 2012 in markets such as Asia and Africa & Middle East and focused on general trends such as UC and consumer devices, among other things (1,2,3).

GigaOM writes about five big things in consumer electronics to watch for in 2012,CNN about the Top 10, and Pyramid Research about top Telecom trends.

Last but not least, some economic predictions from CNN.
Any interesting link about 2011/2012 you think is worth sharing? please use the comment system below.

Happy holidays everyone!

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