IMTC SuperOp! 2011 Summary

The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) announces successful completion of SuperOp! 2011, the premier testing event of the telecommunications industry for multimedia communication standards and products.

More than 70 engineers from 22 leading multimedia communication companies got together in Waikoloa, Hawaii to participate in week-long interoperability testing exercise.
SuperOp! 2011 testing covered equipment and service interoperability on combinations of IP, 3G and LTE networks, and covered a broad range of technologies such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and IMS, HD Videoconferencing, TIP, Telepresence, HTTP Live Streaming (both Microsoft and Apple varieties) and traditional RTSP Streaming, as well as full spectrum of SIP-based and H.323-based videoconferencing systems.

Highlights of the SuperOp! 2011 include the following:

Activity Group Testing

IMS Activity Group conducted first ever multi-device Voice over LTE (VoLTE) interoperability testing over a live LTE infrastructure. Ericsson, Huawei, Intel Mobile, RADVISION, Samsung and ST Ericsson participated in the testing. Network elements to include LTE enhanced radio access (eNB), Evolved Packet Core (EPC), and IMS were provided by Huawei:

Rouzbeh Farhoumand, Sr. Director for Huawei and IMTC Director, next to Huawei LTE Core setup

VoLTE testing at SuperOp! 2011 included LTE voice call establishment, supplementary services (such as OIP, OIR, TIP ,TIR, HOLD and 3-way conferencing) and connectivity to legacy services.

VoLTE testing plan had being developed by the IMS AG which includes AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson AB, Huawei, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Orange-FT, Qualcomm, RADVISION, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and ST Ericsson.

TIP Activity Group conducted its first ever Interoperability testing event during SuperOp! 2011. Collectively among all participants, about 200 calls had being performed during testing, which was conducted according to the testing plan consisting of more than 100 test cases. Seven companies participated in testing: Acme Packet, AT&T, Cisco, Huawei, Polycom, RADVISION and Teliris. TIP AG Co-Chairs also conducted education workshop on TIP (recording will be available at a later time, please send requests to TIP AG participated in SuperConnect (more details below).

SIP Parity Activity Group SuperOp! testing included 22 participating teams from 9 companies (Acme Packet, Bluejeans, Cisco, Huawei, Lifesize, Magor Corporation, Polycom, Radvision, and Vidyo). Interworking among teams was very broad, extending above and beyond that described within the best practice documents. Hundreds of test cases involving thousands of calls were made.

Tested functionality included H.264 HD video (both AVC and SVC), BFCP (using both UDP and TCP) for content sharing, BFCP/H.239 interworking, supplementary services, multipoint calls, security and encryption and more. All companies also participated in the SuperConnect (more details below).

Based on success of SuperOp! testing, SIP Parity Activity Group will present all Best Practices Documents to IMTC Member’s vote to make them official IMTC documents. Following that, Best Practices documents will be made available to all industry participants without IMTC membership requirements. Additional announcements will be made at a later time.

Conferencing over IP Activity Group testing included all the same companies as SIP Parity AG above. Testing had being performed in Ad Hoc mode and included all basic and advanced scenarios for H.323-based videoconferencing.

Packet Switch Streaming Activity Group SuperOp! testing was focused on RTSP basic and advanced functionalities, Apple Live Streaming and MS Smooth streaming. Total number of test cases performed during the week exceeded 1500. Eight companies participated in PSS testing: Alcatel-Lucent, Nexstreaming, NXT, Orange-FT, Packet Video, Qualcomm, Real Networks and Samsung. PSS companies also participated in SuperConnect event.

SVC Activity Group (in process of formation): An information meeting was held during SuperOp! 2011 to consider the formation of an SVC Activity Group. The meeting was well attended, and featured a presentation of a proposed charter by Dr. Alex Eleftheriadis (Vidyo) followed by discussion among the participants. The group intends to harmonize its work with a related activity in UCIF, and focus on H.323 as well as mobile systems. Support for the creation of the group was expressed by Lifesize, Magor, Polycom, RADVISION, Teliris, and Vidyo.

Metadata Activity Group: Metadata AG plans to resume its activities going forward. Dr. Andrea Basso from AT&T presented an update and outlined plans for the group focusing on Video Conferencing and Telepresence Requirements. Informational webinar will be held during month of June/July. Participating member companies: AT&T and Cisco.

Conferencing and Telepresence Interoperability Activity Group also presented an update to the members and plans to conduct information webinar during June/July timeframe. Participating member companies: AT&T and Lifesize.

IMTC SuperConnect 2011

SuperConnect is culmination event of a week-long testing exercise at SuperOp where all available communication equipment is connected together in one big conference call.

More than 50 endpoints participated in SuperConnect 2011. SuperConnect establishment was accomplished inrecord time of less than 20 minutes. For the first time ever, number of SIP connections was equal or exceeding number of H.323 connections. For the first time ever, Telepresence Systems were included into SuperConnect via TIP.

SuperConnect 2011 Network Diagram looked as following (approximated view):

SuperConnect 2011 Conference Call

Here is an output of SuperConnect conference call in various views, including live streaming on mobile device:

Thank You to our Participants and Sponsors

In conclusion, IMTC would like to thank all participants for making the SuperOp! 2011 very successful event and everyone’s contribution into moving the industry forward.

IMTC expresses special gratitude to its SuperOp! 2011 Sponsors: Cisco, Huawei, Polycom, UCIF and Vidyo.


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