Industry News Summary – VoLTE, LTE & Polycom Telepresence

VoLTE, VoIP and Carriers
Carl Ford from Crossfire Media writes about VoLTE in Net Neutrality and business perspectives. Head to TMCnet for the article.

(Yet another) VoLTE webinar – May 11, 2011
The following webinar by Meik Kottkamp from Rohde & Schwarz will explain VoLTE basics and testing practices – Head to EEtimes for registration. Radvision VoLTE webinar will be held in May 5, 2011, details can be found here.

Huawei files lawsuits against ZTE
Huawei filed patent-infringement lawsuits against ZTE over patents related to LTE data card and infringement of Huawei’s trademark. Huawei claims ZTE used Huawei trademarks in some of it’s LTE data cards. Fore more info, check FirceWireless article.

New Telepresence products by Polycom

  • Polycom Eagle-Eye Director will create a ‘personalized conference room experience’  by utilizing voice triangulation, face-finding technology and a dual-camera tracking system. The system will center and zoom automatically on the speaking party for a personalized one-to-many experience.
  • HDX 4500 is an all-in-one solution for business executives and small groups. HDX 4500 will offer an integrated system with a 24 inch screen, H264 High Profile encoding in 720p60 and 1080p30 modes and Optional four-way MPPlus for multi-point extension.
  • Polycom Telepresence m100 is a software based solution that enables content sharing in a video conference and connection to any standards-based telepresence solutions, including both H.323 and SIP deployments. the M100 will support both PCs and Tablet devices connectivity.

Source: Polycom.



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