IMTC SuperOP! 2011 – VoLTE, TIP, QoE & SVC

  • VoLTE Testings, will be conducted during the IMTC SuperOP! event that will take place in Kona, Hawaii, during the week of May 16th-20th, 2011. During the event, tests will be focused on terminals and core network. This makes the IMTC SuperOp! 2011 testing event unique, and one of the few places to actually accomplish this level of engineer to engineer interoperability testing. IMTC is inviting all terminal companies to participate including ST-Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Sharp, LG, RIM and others, as well as Operators with interest in VoLTE. Contact Anatoli Levin ( orPaul Ritchie ( for additional details.
  • Open TIP Testing at SuperOpTelepresence Interoperability Protocol testing will be a key focus during the SuperOP! 2011 event.
    IMTC is inviting all interested parties, both members and non-members alike, to participate in this event’s engineering focused testing.
    For more information about TIP testing at SuperOP! Event, press here (pdf).
  • IMTC H264 SVC & QoE Workshop - IMTC will be holding a SVC & QoE Workshop during our SuperOp!, May 16-20. This is an open call to all IMTC members to participate, AND, submit proposals for speaker slots and presentations. This workshop, organized as part of IMTC SuperOp! 2011, is intended to bring together experts in the field to discuss what SVC means to the videoconferencing and UC industries, what is missing in terms of standards support, and what steps should the industry take to ensure interoperability. If you would like a time-slot on the agenda, Speaker proposals should be sent to our IMTC Service desk at by April 4, 2011, and include the speaker’s name, affiliation, and presentation title.
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