Industry News Summary – IMTC, LightSquared, Kinect & More

SuperOP! 2011 Reminder
IMTC SuperOp event will be held at Kona, Hawaii, may 16-20 2011.
This year event includes testings activities of new technologies such as:
* TIP – Telepresence Interoperability Protocol
* Scalable Video Coding (H264 SVC) & Quality of Experience (QoE) (Details Here)
* Voice over LTE networks – VoLTE (Details Here)
Registration information for SuperOp! 2011 may be found at:

LightSquared: Still on way to launch in the end of 2011
Despite some concerns by governmental bodies that the hybrid terrastial-sattelite network might interfer with GPS receivers – Jeff Carlisle, VP for Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy at LightSquared said that launch is still on track. More info at:

BCS Global Selects Vidyo as partner to launch new managed desktop Video-Conferencing system
BCS will use Vidyo’s SVC platfom for affordable video communications over managed and non-manged internet connections. The desktop video-conferencing system will be available to BCS customers from April 2011.

Microsoft Kinect as a Video Conferencing System?
Microsoft Kinect is a popular gaming add-on for Microsoft gaming console – The Xbox360.
It is a hand-free controller device based on a specialized web-cam that contains a ‘range camera’ that is able to read image depth. Researches from MIT MediaLab has recently demonstrated some interesting Video-Conferencing concept based on the Kinect camera, some of the highlights are:
* Depth of Field focus changes that auto-focus the image on the current speaker, when used with 3D sound-sytem.
* 3D positioning of Augemented-Reality objects on screen.
This is not a shelf product but an interesting example of what might be the future of video-conferencing:
Kinected Conference from Lining (Lizzie) Yao on Vimeo.

Kinected Conference from Lining (Lizzie) Yao on Vimeo.

Fring Start testing group video-conferencing
The Israeli Start-up company Fring revealed it’s latest addition to it’s popular instant messaging client  - 4-way mobile video chat.
Fring currently offer a user limited beta-version, signups can be done via their blog.

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