UCIF Workgroup Votes are in! And the winners are…

UCIF recently conducted its first member election for Chairs and Vice-Chairs of three Work Groups: Marketing, Technical, and Test & Certification. The nominees included seasoned professionals demonstrating a real passion for the UC community. Ballots were distributed to primary contacts for all Board and Contributor level members and results were collated late last week.

 Drumroll… the winners are:

 Technical Work Group
Chair: Casey King, LifeSize
Vice-Chair: Mary Barnes, Polycom

 Testing & Certification Work Group
Chair: Open
Vice-Chair: Joe Reventas, Polycom

 Marketing Work Group
Chair: Robin Raulf-Sager, Polycom
Vice-Chair: Katya White, Polycom

 Congratulations to each candidate! We look forward to their contributions to the UCIF mission.

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